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Zihle / Petrohrad

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Even more blocks at Petrohrad

The granite blocks around Zihle are so numerous that this area has developed more and more into an independent boulder area in recent years, mainly thanks to the annual bouldering festival PETROHRADSKÈ PADÀNÌ. And now it has its own bouldering guidebook.

About 160 boulders with total of about 2000 problems in all grades have been developed. Your are bouldering on the best granite under the motto: technique insted of (and) power.

The inside cover contains a map of the single boulders as well as a tabular overview of the number of problems found on each boulder and their avarage difficulty. The GPS coordinates for each granite block in the area are very comfortably presented and the problems themselves are clearly visible on colour photographs of the blocks.

192 pages
Language: Czech / English
Edition 2018

P. Resch and J. Sika

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