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BlocReich - Bouldering Guide Thuringia

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The following bouldering guide describes a total of 13 areas with more than 1100 problems, graded between Fb1 and Fb8b+. Ultimately even these 13 areas should be understood as just a selection. A requirement  in this guide was to only include those areas that are truly worth publishing. Everything is on offer here, from the steep conglomerates of the Hüllochs to the rounded granite boulders of the Trusetal, from the pocketed limestone of the Saalfeld region to the incredibly structured and honeycombed sandstone found in the Eichsfeld land and from the classic and friendly porphyry in the Lauchagrund to finally the crazy basalt of the near Rhön Mountains. Bouldering here can never be boring!
This guide should be an invitation to all who want to get out and move in such a grandiose landscape. Come and boulder! Thuringia looks forward to seeing you!
Areas described:
1. Eichsfeld
2  Eisenach
3  Bad Liebenstein
4  Ruhla
5  Hainfels / Finsterbergen
6  Trusetal
7  Tabarz mit Lauchagrund
8  Kanzlersgrund
9  Zella-Mehlis / Suhl
10 Tambach-Dietharz
11 Elgersburg
12 Rabenschüssel bei Jena
13 Saalfeld
14 Gangolfsberg (Rhön)
336 pages
language german / english
edition 2015

Th. Hocke
Geoquest Verlag

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