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Bavella Escalade en Corse

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Climbing in southwest of Corsica / Korsika
288 pages
Language: French
Edition 2016
J. L. Fenouil und J. P. Quilici

Area: Col de Bavedda, Punta Picchiata, Groupe Sud, Les Tours, Les Contreforts des Tours, Punta Tafunata d`I Paliri, Les Contreforts des Ferriates, Pulischellu, A Purcaraccia und Punta di Ferriate, Haut Fiumicellu.
Rock: granite
Difficulties: mostly the 6th and 7th grade of the french scale, single and multi pitches (240)
Protection: some sportsclimbing areas, mostly trade climbing
Season: spring, summer, fall, some (lower) parts in the wintertime too



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