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Climbing Guide Rhine Area

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Climbing Guide Rhine Area (around Cologne): The Best of the West
Kelmis (limestone near Aachen)
Rurtal – Nordeifel (conglomerate)
Gerolsteiner Dolomiten (limestone like Frankenjura)
Mayen (selection)
Teufelsley (quarzite near the Ahr valley)  
Stenzelberg (Siebengebirge)
Cologne - Hohenzollern bridge  
Lindlarer Legowand (a wall made of hughe blocks) 
Bochumer Bruch  (limestone up to 50 meters)
Wassermangel  (calcareaous sandstone)
Spreeler Mühle   (schist)
Isenberg    (sandstone)
Sünsbruch (sandstone) 
Aralwand   (sandstone)
Muttental   (sandstone)
Hohensyburg   (sandstone)
Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord (climbing walls from old bunkers)
The book describes the climbing areas of Eifel, Siebengebirge, Bergisches Land and the Ruhr area. Nicely made topo scetches, photos, maps, insider route informations are the basic contents of the book. Above of that there are informations about tourist attractions and geological informations. Also one can find funny stories, comics and some other stuff.
Closed Areas:
In the past a lot of the climbing areas fell under a general climbing ban which spread out throughout the federal state of North Rhine Westphalia. Meanwhile things are seen from a more sophisticated point of view.  Tourism is a economic factor and instead of wasting a lot of money in failing projects it is much more efficient just to legalize climbing. Climbers put up the routes by there own and live togehter wirth nature thus also protecting it. We hope the good will of some of the authorities go on and some of the closed areas will be reopened.
The protection of the natural environment is our main goal. The book describes all regulations in these areas and we want to ask our readers to follow all of them and to accept also additional climbing bans which might be posted on the site, especiaally if it is because of the protection of breeding birds.
272 pages
language german / partly english
edition 2016

F. Blach
Verlag Geoquest

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