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The peninsula of Argolis offers varied landscapes, all kinds of cultural highlights, great beaches and, of course, climbing areas that can hardly be more different. The book describes both, climbing and tourism.
2 Hours south of Athens one will find the Peninsula Argolis with its climbing crags. It is on the way to Leonidio for those travelling southbound. Most of the areas are at the sea or not far from it. Even though there are enough hard routes the focus is on the moderate and lower grades making this part of the country the perfect family destination. The book describes therfore the suitability of the approach as well as the base of the cliff for little children. In this guide one will also find an attractive area near Athens and a whole new one at Corinth. We have included these climbing areas, because they are en-route, so to speak.
240 pages
language german / english
edition 2017

J. & H. Weninger

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