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climbing guidebook Friuli e Terre di Confine

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The history of climbing in Friuli Venezia Giulia is one of the most important in Italy, since it arises from the careers of mountaineers the likes of Comici and Carlesso, who “invented”, out of the blue and in the first decade of 20th century, Val Rosandra and Dardago as a playground where it was possible to train for more ambitious tasks in the Dolomites.
This area, which can be roughly divided into three different sections, features several charming and testing crags and walls, well-suited both for the beginner and for the pro.
It includes the renowned overhangs of Erto, the small crags of the local Dolomites, the Tarvisio and Carnia walls; Trieste is also reviewed and carefully described: its famous crags such as Costiera and Napoleonica are of course featured in this book.
Then, we have “the other side”, just across the border. Osp, Mišja Pec and Crni Kal are well-known all over Europe. Once they were mostly forbidden, but right now they are destinations for every climber in Europe.
This second edition of a comprehensive guidebook has been born thanks to the collaboration of an active community, whose members do believe in promoting and sharing the beauty of their lands.
432 pages
language italian
edition 2020

D. Bucco
Versante Sud

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