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Sport Climbing Guidebook in Gran Canaria

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The Climbo Guide is intended for rock climbers of all levels interested in exploring Gran Canaria’s routes. With an easy and accessible method you will be able to orient yourself around the most popular areas on the island and get to know its main crags. Thanks to close contact with equippers and experienced rock climbers this guide offers you the exclusive technical information you will need to explore securely the different ravines on the island.
This Climbo Guide will not only help you expand your rock climbing expertise and knowledge, but will accompany you in this adventure while you discover the natural beauty of the island and its people.
- Introduction to present-day rock-climbing on Gran Canaria.
- Introduction to Traditional Climbing and Boulder on the island.
- Technical information and icons on the 13 sport climbing zones and more than 650 routes.
- Specific information and icons on the approaches to the crags.
- Quality of schools and sectors on a scale of one to three stars, as scored by the route setters.
- Introduction to the main equippers on the island and their preferred routes.
- Introduction to the main public climbing walls on the island.
- To serve as a resource and foundation for activities related to climbing or located near climbing areas.
- A clearing-house for information on climbing.
368 pages
language spanish / english
edition 2015


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