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climbing guidebook Karpathos Rock Climbing Guidebook

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Climbing on the island Karpathos

The second edition is almost double in pages and now presents 342 sport climbing routes in 32 sectors of the Dodecanese island in the eastern Aegean Sea. The sectors / crags are distributed throughout the island. Detailed maps showing access to the area, GPS data of the parking areas, good color photo topos and concise descriptions of each sector make orientation easy. In addition, the difficulty levels are graded in different colors so that you can more quickly perceive what to expect. The color coding of the grades: up to 5c+ green, 6a to 6c+ red, 7a to 7c+ black and from 8a purple. Of course, the usual pictograms are still used for a quicker overview (child-friendliness, orientation of the sector, wall height, number of exes needed, access time).
Karpathos may not have the quite big potential like other Greek climbing spots, but there is enough of good climbing stuff for a vacation on this island!

104 pages
language english, spanish, german, russian
edition 2020

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