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Magic Wood - Bloc

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The standard for the most popular bouldering area in the central Alpine region of Switzerland - completely revised and significantly enhanced.
Again the bouldering goings-on have been meticulously researched, old information was revised and the number of problems in the "database" for the forest was strikingly increased. For that the authors combed the woods for many days, numerous forgotten problems have been rediscovered and often reactivated with a lot of effort. Equally extensive the bouldering goings-on of the latest days were thoroughly updated also with the help of local climbers.
260 new problems have been added to this edition, now 1213 lines are described in the Magic Wood. Just in the upper grades starting from 7c+/8a 26 new problems could be recorded.
The book is packed with functional details and a lot of information hence the stay in the area becomes easy and straightforward:
Extremely helpful is an index of all problems. With this it's possible to locate specific problems inside the book very fast and efficiently.
The 2 flaps of the cover can be used perfectly as book marks. Such the book can be marked super fast at the page where you are staying at the moment.
With the purchase of a copy of that book each time the work of the IG Magic Wood, which cares exemplary about the preservation of the area, is financially supported.
224 pages
language german / english / french
edition 2019

U. & H. Röker
GEBRO Verlag

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