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Climbing Guidebook Pietra di Luna

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Standard work for Sardinia
The standard work for every climber who wants to go to Sardinia. Now in the long-awaited new edition. This has increased enormously in volume (and unfortunately also in price). No wonder - climbing in Sardinia is booming.  In recent years, many new areas have been developed, it emerged a huge number of new routes on the island.
A further description of the guide is actually superfluous. Who wants to climb in Sardinia and does not want to limit himself to the areas around Cala Gonone, can not avoid this guide, which is as clear as it is rich in content. For all areas there is a detailed description. In addition to access, rock, climbing style, protection, ideal season, sun and "not to be missed", there is a detailed description of each route. From this it is always clear what you are about to get involved in! The topos are located on very good color photos and often accompanied by expressive action photos. At the beginning of the guide are several pages on FAQ regarding climbing. Now you just have to go and make a difficult decision. Where to go in this climbing paradise?

Rock: limestone
Difficulties: every grade on the french scale / more than 3600 pitches
Protection: sport climbing conditions
Season: all year round

608 pages
Language: German
Edition 2011
M. Oviglia
Fabula editore

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